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adventurers league and d20compete - I run games most Mondays and Fridays at 8pm CT. The Friday Games are open to all! Sign ups are posted at alonlinetools.net (usually a week or two before a game).

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    rules - Download how to play info, quick reference sheets, and house rules.

    toren - Download a gazetteer for home-brewed campaign world of Toren.

    campaigns - Check out when the next gameday will be and how to sign up, view maps and characters, and read stories from various campaigns.

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    2019-04-12 - Updated d20play How to Play instructions rules

    2019-04-12 - Updated Bible Notes rules

    2019-04-09 - Updated d20play Quick Reference Sheets. rules

    2019-03-29 - Updated AL Recommendations rules

    2019-03-28 - Updated schedule of future games. schedule

    2015-12-29 - Updated Campaign Page with Twitch and Youtube Info. campaigns

    2015-03-30 - Revised Adventurers League Campaign Info. campaigns

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